Interface Io.Builder<I extends Io>

    • Method Detail

      • onMapper

        Io.Builder<? extends Io> onMapper​(Consumer<Mapper.Builder> onMapper)
        Allows a Graph implementation to have full control over the Mapper.Builder instance. Typically, the implementation will just pass in its IoRegistry implementation so that the Mapper that gets built will have knowledge of any custom classes and serializers it may have.

        End-users should not use this method directly. If a user wants to register custom serializers, then such things can be done via calls to Io.mapper() after the Io is constructed via

      • graph

        Io.Builder<? extends Io> graph​(Graph g)
        Providers use this method to supply the current instance of their Graph to the builder. End-users should not call this method directly.
      • requiresVersion

        <V> boolean requiresVersion​(V version)
        Determines if the version matches the one configured for this builder. Graph providers can use this in calls to to figure out the correct versions of registries to add.
      • create

        I create()
        Providers call this method in the method to construct the Io instance and return the value. End-users will typically not call this method.