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    public interface IoRegistry
    A generalized custom serializer registry for providers implementing a Graph. Providers should develop an implementation of this interface if their implementation requires custom serialization of identifiers or other such content housed in their graph. Consider extending from AbstractIoRegistry and ensure that the implementation has a zero-arg constructor or a static "instance" method that returns an IoRegistry instance, as implementations may need to be constructed from reflection given different parts of the TinkerPop stack.

    The serializers to register depend on the Io implementations that are expected to be supported. There are currently two core implementations in GryoIo and GraphSONIo. Both of these should be supported for full compliance with the test suite.

    There is no need to use this class if the Graph does not have custom classes that require serialization.

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        List<org.javatuples.Pair<Class,​Object>> find​(Class<? extends Io> builderClass)
        Find a list of all the serializers registered to an Io class by the Graph.
      • find

        <S> List<org.javatuples.Pair<Class,​S>> find​(Class<? extends Io> builderClass,
                                                          Class<S> serializerType)
        Find a list of all the serializers, of a particular type, registered to an Io class by the Graph.