Class RequestMessage

  • public final class RequestMessage
    extends Object
    The model for a request message sent to the server.
    Stephen Mallette (
    • Field Detail

      • INVALID

        public static final RequestMessage INVALID
        An "invalid" message. Used internally only.
    • Method Detail

      • getRequestId

        public UUID getRequestId()
        The id of the current request and is used to track the message within Gremlin Server and in its response. This value should be unique per request made.
      • getOp

        public String getOp()
        The operation or command to perform as defined by a particular Processor.
      • getProcessor

        public String getProcessor()
        The name of the Processor that should handle the op. Defaults to the standard processor if not specified.
      • getArgs

        public Map<String,​Object> getArgs()
        A Map of arguments that are supplied to the op. Each op accepts different argument, so consult the documentation for a particular one to understand what is expected.
      • getArg

        public <T> T getArg​(String key)
      • getArgOrDefault

        public <T> T getArgOrDefault​(String key,
                                     T def)