Class TinkerMessenger<M>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class TinkerMessenger<M>
    extends Object
    implements Messenger<M>
    Marko A. Rodriguez (
    • Constructor Detail

      • TinkerMessenger

        public TinkerMessenger​(Vertex vertex,
                     <M> messageBoard,
                               Optional<MessageCombiner<M>> combiner)
    • Method Detail

      • receiveMessages

        public Iterator<M> receiveMessages()
        Description copied from interface: Messenger
        Receive all incoming messages to the currently executing vertex.
        Specified by:
        receiveMessages in interface Messenger<M>
        the messages for the vertex
      • sendMessage

        public void sendMessage​(MessageScope messageScope,
                                M message)
        Description copied from interface: Messenger
        The currently executing vertex can send a message with provided MessageScope.
        Specified by:
        sendMessage in interface Messenger<M>
        messageScope - the message scope of the message being sent
        message - the message to send