Interface Element

    • Method Detail

      • id

        Object id()
        Gets the unique identifier for the graph Element.
        The id of the element
      • label

        String label()
        Gets the label for the graph Element which helps categorize it.
        The label of the element
      • graph

        Graph graph()
        Get the graph that this element is within.
        the graph of this element
      • keys

        default Set<String> keys()
        Get the keys of the properties associated with this element. The default implementation iterators the properties and stores the keys into a HashSet.
        The property key set
      • property

        <V> Property<V> property​(String key,
                                 V value)
        Add or set a property value for the Element given its key.
      • remove

        void remove()
        Removes the Element from the graph.
      • values

        default <V> Iterator<V> values​(String... propertyKeys)
        Get the values of properties as an Iterator.
      • properties

        <V> Iterator<? extends Property<V>> properties​(String... propertyKeys)
        Get an Iterator of properties where the propertyKeys is meant to be a filter on the available keys. If no keys are provide then return all the properties.