Class StaticVertexProgram<M>

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      • StaticVertexProgram

        public StaticVertexProgram()
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      • storeState

        public void storeState​(org.apache.commons.configuration2.Configuration configuration)
        Description copied from interface: VertexProgram
        When it is necessary to store the state of the VertexProgram, this method is called. This is typically required when the VertexProgram needs to be serialized to another machine. Note that what is stored is simply the instance/configuration state, not any processed data. The default implementation provided simply stores the VertexProgram class name for reflective reconstruction. It is typically a good idea to VertexProgram.super.storeState().
        Specified by:
        storeState in interface VertexProgram<M>
        configuration - the configuration to store the state of the VertexProgram in.