Interface GraphTraversal.Admin<S,​E>

    • Method Detail

      • addStep

        default <E2> GraphTraversal.Admin<S,​E2> addStep​(Step<?,​E2> step)
        Description copied from interface: Traversal.Admin
        Add a Step to the end of the traversal. This method should link the step to its next and previous step accordingly.
        Specified by:
        addStep in interface Traversal.Admin<S,​E>
        Type Parameters:
        E2 - the output of the step
        step - the step to add
        the updated traversal
      • iterate

        default GraphTraversal<S,​E> iterate()
        Description copied from interface: Traversal
        Iterate all the Traverser instances in the traversal. What is returned is the empty traversal. It is assumed that what is desired from the computation is are the sideEffects yielded by the traversal.
        Specified by:
        iterate in interface GraphTraversal<S,​E>
        Specified by:
        iterate in interface Traversal<S,​E>
        the fully drained traversal