Interface PBiPredicate<T,​U>

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    Compare, Contains, Text, Text.RegexPredicate

    public interface PBiPredicate<T,​U>
    extends BiPredicate<T,​U>
    Marker interface for predefined BiPredicate predicates that can be used in Predicate}. Allows to set the name of the predicate that will be used for serialization. Restricts the use of random BiPredicate with P.
    • Method Detail

      • getPredicateName

        default String getPredicateName()
        Gets predicate name that can be used for serialization.
      • negate

        default PBiPredicate<T,​U> negate()
        Returns a predicate that represents the logical negation of this predicate.
        Specified by:
        negate in interface BiPredicate<T,​U>