Class Bindings

  • public final class Bindings
    extends Object
    Bindings are used to associate a variable with a value. They enable the creation of Bytecode.Binding arguments in Bytecode. Use the Bindings instance when defining a binding via of(String, Object). For instance:

    b = Bindings.instance() g = graph.traversal() g.V().out(b.of("a","knows")) // bindings can be reused over and over g.V().out("knows").in(b.of("a","created"))

    Marko A. Rodriguez (
    • Method Detail

      • of

        public <V> V of​(String variable,
                        V value)
      • getBoundVariable

        protected static <V> String getBoundVariable​(V value)
      • clear

        protected static void clear()
      • instance

        public static Bindings instance()