Class Client.SessionSettings.Builder

    • Method Detail

      • maintainStateAfterException

        public Client.SessionSettings.Builder maintainStateAfterException​(boolean maintainStateAfterException)
        When true an exception within a session will not close the session and remove the state bound to that session. This setting is for the UnifiedChannelizer and when set to true will allow sessions to behave similar to how they did under the OpProcessor approach original to Gremlin Server. By default this value is false.
      • manageTransactions

        public Client.SessionSettings.Builder manageTransactions​(boolean manage)
        If enabled, transactions will be "managed" such that each request will represent a complete transaction. By default this value is false.
      • sessionId

        public Client.SessionSettings.Builder sessionId​(String sessionId)
        Provides the identifier of the session. This value cannot be null or empty. By default it is set to a random UUID.
      • forceClosed

        public Client.SessionSettings.Builder forceClosed​(boolean forced)
        Determines if the session should be force closed when the client is closed. Force closing will not attempt to close open transactions from existing running jobs and leave it to the underlying graph to decided how to proceed with those orphaned transactions. Setting this to true tends to lead to faster close operation which can be desirable if Gremlin Server has a long session timeout and a long script evaluation timeout as attempts to close long run jobs can occur more rapidly. By default, this value is false.