Class GraphSONMapper

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    public class GraphSONMapper
    extends Object
    implements Mapper<org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper>
    An extension to the standard Jackson ObjectMapper which automatically registers the standard GraphSONModule for serializing Graph elements. This class can be used for generalized JSON serialization tasks that require meeting GraphSON standards.

    Graph implementations providing an IoRegistry should register their SimpleModule implementations to it as follows:

     public class MyGraphIoRegistry extends AbstractIoRegistry {
       public MyGraphIoRegistry() {
         register(GraphSONIo.class, null, new MyGraphSimpleModule());
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        public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_NUMBER_LENGTH
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        public org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper createMapper()
        Description copied from interface: Mapper
        Create a new instance of the internal object mapper that an implementation represents.
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        createMapper in interface Mapper<org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper>
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        public TypeInfo getTypeInfo()