Class UnifiedHandler

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    public class UnifiedHandler
    Handler for websockets to be used with the UnifiedChannelizer.
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      • settings

        protected final Settings settings

        protected static final Set<String> INVALID_BINDINGS_KEYS
        This may or may not be the full set of invalid binding keys. It is dependent on the static imports made to Gremlin Server. This should get rid of the worst offenders though and provide a good message back to the calling client.

        Use of toUpperCase() on the accessor values of T solves an issue where the ScriptEngine ignores private scope on T and imports static fields.

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      • channelRead0

        protected void channelRead0​( ctx,
                                    RequestMessage msg)
                             throws Exception
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        channelRead0 in class<RequestMessage>
      • userEventTriggered

        public void userEventTriggered​( ctx,
                                       Object evt)
                                throws Exception
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        userEventTriggered in interface
        userEventTriggered in class
      • createSingleTaskSession

        protected Session createSingleTaskSession​(SessionTask sessionTask,
                                                  String sessionId)
        Called when creating a single task session where the provided SessionTask will be the only one to be executed and can therefore take a more efficient execution path.
      • createMultiTaskSession

        protected Session createMultiTaskSession​(SessionTask sessionTask,
                                                 String sessionId)
        Called when creating a Session that will be long-lived to extend over multiple requests and therefore process the provided SessionTask as well as ones that may arrive in the future.
      • isActiveSession

        public boolean isActiveSession​(String sessionId)
      • getActiveSessionCount

        public int getActiveSessionCount()