Class UnifiedChannelizer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,, Channelizer

    public class UnifiedChannelizer
    extends AbstractChannelizer
    A Channelizer that supports websocket and HTTP requests and does so with the most streamlined processing model for Gremlin Server introduced with 3.5.0.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UnifiedChannelizer

        public UnifiedChannelizer()
    • Method Detail

      • finalize

        public void finalize​( pipeline)
        Description copied from class: AbstractChannelizer
        This method is called after the pipeline is completely configured. It can be overridden to make any final changes to the pipeline before it goes into use.
        finalize in class AbstractChannelizer
      • supportsIdleMonitor

        public boolean supportsIdleMonitor()
        Description copied from interface: Channelizer
        Determines if the channelizer supports a method for keeping the connection alive and auto-closing zombie channels.
      • createIdleDetectionMessage

        public Object createIdleDetectionMessage()
        Description copied from interface: Channelizer
        Create a message to send to seemingly dead clients to see if they respond back. The message sent will be dependent on the implementation. For example, a websocket implementation would create a "ping" message. This method will only be used if Channelizer.supportsIdleMonitor() is true.