Class SubgraphStrategy.Builder

    • Method Detail

      • checkAdjacentVertices

        public SubgraphStrategy.Builder checkAdjacentVertices​(boolean enable)
        Enables the strategy to apply the vertices(Traversal) filter to the adjacent vertices of an edge. If using this strategy for OLAP then this value should be set to false as checking adjacent vertices will force the traversal to leave the local star graph (which is not possible in OLAP) and will cause an error. By default, this value is true.
      • vertices

        public SubgraphStrategy.Builder vertices​(Traversal<Vertex,​?> vertexPredicate)
        The traversal predicate that defines the vertices to include in the subgraph. If checkAdjacentVertices(boolean) is true then this predicate will also be applied to the adjacent vertices of edges. Take care when setting this value for OLAP based traversals as the traversal predicate cannot be written in such a way as to leave the local star graph and can thus only evaluate the current vertex and its related edges.