Class MeanGlobalStep<S extends Number,​E extends Number>

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      • generateSeedFromStarts

        protected E generateSeedFromStarts()
        Advances the starts until a non-null value is found or simply returns null. In this way, an all null stream will result in null.
        generateSeedFromStarts in class ReducingBarrierStep<S extends Number,​E extends Number>
      • getRequirements

        public Set<TraverserRequirement> getRequirements()
        Description copied from interface: Step
        Provide the necessary TraverserRequirement that must be met by the traverser in order for the step to function properly. The provided default implements returns an empty set.
        the set of requirements
      • generateFinalResult

        public E generateFinalResult​(E meanNumber)
        Description copied from interface: Generating
        Post-process the side-effect and return the post-processed side-effect. The default implementation is simply the identity function and returns the argument.
        meanNumber - the pre-processed side-effect.
        the post-processed side-effect.