Class TraversalFilterStep<S>

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      • configure

        public void configure​(Object... keyValues)
        Description copied from interface: Configuring
        Accept a configuration to the Step. Note that this interface extends Parameterizing and so there is an expectation that the Step implementation will have a Parameters instance that will house any values passed to this method. Storing these configurations in Parameters is not a requirement however, IF the configuration is an expected option for the step and can be stored on a member field that can be accessed on the step by more direct means (i.e. like a getter method).
        Specified by:
        configure in interface Configuring
      • clone

        public TraversalFilterStep<S> clone()
        Description copied from interface: Step
        Cloning is used to duplicate steps for the purpose of traversal optimization and OLTP replication. When cloning a step, it is important that the steps, the cloned step is equivalent to the state of the step when Step.reset() is called. Moreover, the previous and next steps should be set to EmptyStep.
        Specified by:
        clone in interface Step<S,​S>
        clone in class AbstractStep<S,​S>
        The cloned step
      • getRequirements

        public Set<TraverserRequirement> getRequirements()
        Description copied from interface: Step
        Provide the necessary TraverserRequirement that must be met by the traverser in order for the step to function properly. The provided default implements returns an empty set.
        Specified by:
        getRequirements in interface Step<S,​S>
        the set of requirements