Interface ComparatorHolder<S,​C extends Comparable>

    • Method Detail

      • addComparator

        void addComparator​(Traversal.Admin<S,​C> traversal,
                           Comparator<C> comparator)
        Add a Traversal-based Comparator to the holder. If no traversal is needed, use IdentityTraversal.
        traversal - the traversal to pre-process the object by.
        comparator - the comparator to compare the result of the object after traversal processing
      • getComparators

        List<org.javatuples.Pair<Traversal.Admin<S,​C>,​Comparator<C>>> getComparators()
        Get the comparators associated with this holder. The comparators are ordered according to their oder of operation.
        a list of Traversal/Comparator-pairs