Class TraversalVertexProgram

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, VertexProgram<TraverserSet<Object>>

    public final class TraversalVertexProgram
    extends Object
    implements VertexProgram<TraverserSet<Object>>
    TraversalVertexProgram enables the evaluation of a Traversal on a GraphComputer. At the start of the computation, each Vertex (or Edge) is assigned a single Traverser. For each traverser that is local to the vertex, the vertex looks up its current location in the traversal and processes that step. If the outputted traverser of the step references a local structure on the vertex (e.g. the vertex, an incident edge, its properties, or an arbitrary object), then the vertex continues to compute the next traverser. If the traverser references another location in the graph, then the traverser is sent to that location in the graph via a message. The messages of TraversalVertexProgram are traversers. This continues until all traversers in the computation have halted.
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