Class GroovyCompilerGremlinPlugin.Builder

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder()
    • Method Detail

      • expectedCompilationTime

        public GroovyCompilerGremlinPlugin.Builder expectedCompilationTime​(int timeInMillis)
        If the time it takes to compile a script exceeds the specified time then a warning is written to the logs. Defaults to 5000ms and must be greater than zero.
      • timedInterrupt

        public GroovyCompilerGremlinPlugin.Builder timedInterrupt​(long timeInMillis)
        Introduces timed checks to loops and other portions of a script to provide an interrupt for a long running script. This configuration should not be used in conjunction with the Gremlin Server which has its own evaluationTimeout which performs a similar task but in a more complete way specific to the server. Configuring both may lead to inconsistent timeout errors returning from the server. This configuration should only be used if configuring a standalone instance fo the GremlinGroovyScriptEngine.
      • classMapCacheSpecification

        public GroovyCompilerGremlinPlugin.Builder classMapCacheSpecification​(String cacheSpec)
        Sets the cache specification for the class map which holds compiled scripts and uses the comma separated syntax of the caffeine cache for configuration.
        • initialCapacity=[integer]: sets Caffeine.initialCapacity.
        • maximumSize=[long]: sets Caffeine.maximumSize.
        • maximumWeight=[long]: sets Caffeine.maximumWeight.
        • expireAfterAccess=[duration]: sets Caffeine.expireAfterAccess.
        • expireAfterWrite=[duration]: sets Caffeine.expireAfterWrite.
        • refreshAfterWrite=[duration]: sets Caffeine.refreshAfterWrite.
        • weakKeys: sets Caffeine.weakKeys.
        • weakValues: sets Caffeine.weakValues.
        • softValues: sets Caffeine.softValues.
        • recordStats: sets Caffeine.recordStats.
        Durations are represented by an integer, followed by one of "d", "h", "m", or "s", representing days, hours, minutes, or seconds respectively. Whitespace before and after commas and equal signs is ignored. Keys may not be repeated; it is also illegal to use the following pairs of keys in a single value:
        • maximumSize and maximumWeight
        • weakValues and softValues
      • globalFunctionCacheEnabled

        public GroovyCompilerGremlinPlugin.Builder globalFunctionCacheEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Determines if the global function cache in the script engine is enabled or not. It is enabled by default.