Class GryoMapper

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    public final class GryoMapper
    extends Object
    implements Mapper<org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo>
    A Mapper implementation for Kryo. This implementation requires that all classes to be serialized by Kryo are registered to it.

    Graph implementations providing an IoRegistry should register their custom classes and/or serializers in one of three ways:

    1. Register just the custom class with a null Serializer implementation
    2. Register the custom class with a Serializer implementation
    3. Register the custom class with a Function<Kryo, Serializer> for those cases where the Serializer requires the Kryo instance to get constructed.

    For example:

     public class MyGraphIoRegistry extends AbstractIoRegistry {
       public MyGraphIoRegistry() {
         register(GryoIo.class, MyGraphIdClass.class, new MyGraphIdSerializer());
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        public static final byte[] GIO
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        public static final byte[] HEADER
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      • createMapper

        public org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo createMapper()
        Description copied from interface: Mapper
        Create a new instance of the internal object mapper that an implementation represents.
        Specified by:
        createMapper in interface Mapper<org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo>
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        public List<Class> getRegisteredClasses()