Class AbstractGremlinProcessTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractGremlinProcessTest

        public AbstractGremlinProcessTest()
    • Method Detail

      • graphMeetsTestRequirements

        protected boolean graphMeetsTestRequirements()
        Determines if a graph meets requirements for execution. All gremlin process tests should check this method as part of a call to assumeTrue to ensure that the test doesn't require the computer feature or if it does require the computer feature then ensure that the graph being tested supports it.
      • hasGraphComputerRequirement

        protected boolean hasGraphComputerRequirement()
        Determines if this test suite has "computer" requirements.
      • setupTest

        public void setupTest()
      • checkOrderedResults

        public static <T> void checkOrderedResults​(List<T> expectedResults,
                                                   Traversal<?,​T> traversal)
      • checkResults

        public static <T> void checkResults​(List<T> expectedResults,
                                            Traversal<?,​T> traversal)
      • checkResults

        public static <T> void checkResults​(Map<T,​Long> expectedResults,
                                            Traversal<?,​T> traversal)
      • checkMap

        public static <A,​B> void checkMap​(Map<A,​B> expectedMap,
                                                Map<A,​B> actualMap)
      • checkHasNext

        public static void checkHasNext​(boolean expected,
                                        Traversal traversal)
      • makeMapList

        public <A,​B> List<Map<A,​B>> makeMapList​(int size,
                                                            Object... keyValues)