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    public @interface LoadGraphWith
    Annotations to define a graph example to load from test resources prior to test execution. This annotation is for use only with test that extend from AbstractGremlinTest.

    Note that the annotation assumes that the @{link GraphData} referenced by the annotation can be made available to the graph in the test. In other words, even a graph that has "read-only" features, should have some method of getting the data available to it. That said, graphs must minimally support the data types that the sample data contains for the test to be executed.

    If a graph implementation is "read-only", it can override the GraphProvider.loadGraphData(org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.structure.Graph, LoadGraphWith, Class, String) method to provide some other mechanism for making that data available to the graph in time for the test. See the hadoop-gremlin implementation for more details.

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        static final String RESOURCE_PATH_PREFIX
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        LoadGraphWith.GraphData value
        The name of the resource to load with full path.