Class MultiMap

  • public final class MultiMap
    extends Object
    A number of static methods to interact with a multi map, i.e. a map that maps keys to sets of values.
    Matthias Broecheler (
    • Method Detail

      • putAll

        public static <K,​V> boolean putAll​(Map<K,​Set<V>> map,
                                                 K key,
                                                 Collection<V> values)
      • put

        public static <K,​V> boolean put​(Map<K,​Set<V>> map,
                                              K key,
                                              V value)
      • containsEntry

        public static <K,​V> boolean containsEntry​(Map<K,​Set<V>> map,
                                                        K key,
                                                        V value)
      • get

        public static <K,​V> Set<V> get​(Map<K,​Set<V>> map,
                                             K key)