Class GraphMigrator

  • public final class GraphMigrator
    extends Object
    GraphMigrator takes the data in one graph and pipes it to another graph. Uses the GryoReader and GryoWriter by default. Note that this utility is meant as a convenience for "small" graph migrations.
    Alex Averbuch (, Stephen Mallette (
    • Method Detail

      • migrateGraph

        public static void migrateGraph​(Graph fromGraph,
                                        Graph toGraph,
                                        GraphReader reader,
                                        GraphWriter writer)
                                 throws IOException
        Pipe the data from one graph to another graph. It is important that the reader and writer utilize the same format.
        fromGraph - the graph to take data from.
        toGraph - the graph to take data to.
        reader - reads from the graph written by the writer.
        writer - writes the graph to be read by the reader.
        IOException - thrown if there is an error in steam between the two graphs.