Interface Graph.Features.EdgeFeatures

    • Method Detail

      • supportsAddEdges

        default boolean supportsAddEdges()
        Determines if an Edge can be added to a Vertex.
      • supportsRemoveEdges

        default boolean supportsRemoveEdges()
        Determines if an Edge can be removed from a Vertex.
      • supportsUpsert

        default boolean supportsUpsert()
        Determines if the Graph implementation uses upsert functionality as opposed to insert functionality for Vertex.addEdge(String, Vertex, Object...). This feature gives graph providers some flexibility as to how graph mutations are treated. For graph providers, testing of this feature (as far as TinkerPop is concerned) only covers graphs that can support user supplied identifiers as there is no other way for TinkerPop to know what aspect of a edge is unique to appropriately apply assertions. Graph providers, especially those who support schema features, may have other methods for uniquely identifying a edge and should therefore resort to their own body of tests to validate this feature.