Interface GremlinShellEnvironment

  • public interface GremlinShellEnvironment
    Provides an abstraction over a "Gremlin Shell" (i.e. the core of a console), enabling the plugin to not have to be hardcoded specifically to any particular shell, like the Gremlin Groovy Console, and thus allowing it to not have to depend on the gremlin-groovy module itself.
    Stephen Mallette (
    • Method Detail

      • getVariable

        <T> T getVariable​(String variableName)
      • setVariable

        <T> void setVariable​(String variableName,
                             T variableValue)
      • println

        void println​(String line)
      • errPrintln

        default void errPrintln​(String line)
      • execute

        <T> T execute​(String line)