Interface GremlinPlugin

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        The name of the module. This name should be unique (use a namespaced approach) as naming clashes will prevent proper module operations. Modules developed by TinkerPop will be prefixed with "tinkerpop." For example, TinkerPop's implementation of Spark would be named "tinkerpop.spark". If Facebook were to do their own implementation the implementation might be called "facebook.spark".
      • requireRestart

        default boolean requireRestart()
        Some modules may require a restart of the plugin host for the classloader to pick up the features. This is typically true of modules that rely on Class.forName() to dynamically instantiate classes from the root classloader (e.g. JDBC drivers that instantiate via @{code DriverManager}).
      • getCustomizers

        Optional<Customizer[]> getCustomizers​(String scriptEngineName)
        Gets the list of Customizer implementations to assign to a new GremlinScriptEngine. The implementation should filter the returned Customizers according to the supplied name of the Gremlin-enabled ScriptEngine. By providing a filter, GremlinModule developers can have the ability to target specific ScriptEngines.
        scriptEngineName - The name of the ScriptEngine or null to get all the available Customizers