Class AbstractMessageSerializer<M>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractMessageSerializer

        public AbstractMessageSerializer()
    • Method Detail

      • addIoRegistries

        protected void addIoRegistries​(Map<String,​Object> config,
                                       Mapper.Builder builder)
        Reads a list of fully qualified class names from the value of the TOKEN_IO_REGISTRIES configuration key. These classes should equate to IoRegistry implementations that will be assigned to the Mapper.Builder. The assumption is that the IoRegistry either has a static instance() method or has a zero-arg constructor from which it can be instantiated.
      • tryInstanceMethod

        protected Method tryInstanceMethod​(Class clazz)
      • getListStringFromConfig

        protected List<String> getListStringFromConfig​(String token,
                                                       Map<String,​Object> config)
        Gets a List of strings from the configuration object.