Class TinkerFactory

  • public final class TinkerFactory
    extends Object
    Helps create a variety of different toy graphs for testing and learning purposes.
    Marko A. Rodriguez (, Stephen Mallette (
    • Method Detail

      • createClassic

        public static TinkerGraph createClassic()
        Create the "classic" graph which was the original toy graph from TinkerPop 2.x.
      • createModern

        public static TinkerGraph createModern()
        Create the "modern" graph which has the same structure as the "classic" graph from TinkerPop 2.x but includes 3.x features like vertex labels.
      • createTheCrew

        public static TinkerGraph createTheCrew()
        Create the "the crew" graph which is a TinkerPop 3.x toy graph showcasing many 3.x features like meta-properties, multi-properties and graph variables.
      • createKitchenSink

        public static TinkerGraph createKitchenSink()
        Creates the "kitchen sink" graph which is a collection of structures (e.g. self-loops) that aren't represented in other graphs and are useful for various testing scenarios.
      • createGratefulDead

        public static TinkerGraph createGratefulDead()
        Creates the "grateful dead" graph which is a larger graph than most of the toy graphs but has real-world structure and application and is therefore useful for demonstrating more complex traversals.