Class GryoPool

  • public final class GryoPool
    extends Object
    Gryo objects are somewhat expensive to construct (given the dependency on Kryo), therefore this pool helps re-use those objects.
    Marko A. Rodriguez (, Stephen Mallette (
    • Field Detail


        public static final int CONFIG_IO_GRYO_POOL_SIZE_DEFAULT
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final GryoVersion CONFIG_IO_GRYO_POOL_VERSION_DEFAULT
    • Method Detail

      • takeKryo

        public org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo takeKryo()
      • offerKryo

        public void offerKryo​(org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo kryo)
      • offerReader

        public void offerReader​(GryoReader gryoReader)
      • offerWriter

        public void offerWriter​(GryoWriter gryoWriter)
      • readWithKryo

        public <A> A readWithKryo​(Function<org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo,​A> kryoFunction)
      • writeWithKryo

        public void writeWithKryo​(Consumer<org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.kryo.Kryo> kryoConsumer)