Class TinkerPopJacksonModule

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    Serializable, org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.jackson.core.Versioned
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    CustomId.CustomIdTinkerPopJacksonModuleV2, CustomId.CustomIdTinkerPopJacksonModuleV3, GraphSONXModuleV2, GraphSONXModuleV3, ToyIoRegistry.ToyModule

    public abstract class TinkerPopJacksonModule
    extends org.apache.tinkerpop.shaded.jackson.databind.module.SimpleModule
    A SimpleModule extension that does the necessary work to make the automatic typed deserialization without full canonical class names work. Users of custom modules with the GraphSONMapper that want their objects to be deserialized automatically by the mapper, must extend this class with their module. It is the only required step. Using this basis module allows the serialization and deserialization of typed objects without having the whole canonical name of the serialized classes included in the Json payload. This is also necessary because Java does not provide an agnostic way to search in a classpath a find a class by its simple name. Although that could be done with an external library, later if we deem it necessary.
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        _abstractTypes, _deserializerModifier, _deserializers, _hasExplicitName, _keyDeserializers, _keySerializers, _mixins, _name, _namingStrategy, _serializerModifier, _serializers, _subtypes, _valueInstantiators, _version
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      abstract Map<Class,​String> getTypeDefinitions()  
      abstract String getTypeNamespace()  
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        _checkNotNull, addAbstractTypeMapping, addDeserializer, addKeyDeserializer, addKeySerializer, addSerializer, addSerializer, addValueInstantiator, getModuleName, getTypeId, registerSubtypes, registerSubtypes, registerSubtypes, setAbstractTypes, setDeserializerModifier, setDeserializers, setKeyDeserializers, setKeySerializers, setMixInAnnotation, setNamingStrategy, setSerializerModifier, setSerializers, setupModule, setValueInstantiators, version
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      • TinkerPopJacksonModule

        public TinkerPopJacksonModule​(String name)
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        public abstract Map<Class,​String> getTypeDefinitions()
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        public abstract String getTypeNamespace()