Class StateKey

  • public final class StateKey
    extends Object
    Keys used in the various handlers to store state in the pipeline.
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    • Field Detail


        public static final io.netty.util.AttributeKey<MessageSerializer<?>> SERIALIZER
        The key for the current serializer requested by the client.
      • USE_BINARY

        public static final io.netty.util.AttributeKey<Boolean> USE_BINARY
        The key to indicate if the serializer should use its binary format.
      • SESSION

        public static final io.netty.util.AttributeKey<Session> SESSION
        The key for the current Session object.

        public static final io.netty.util.AttributeKey<Authenticator.SaslNegotiator> NEGOTIATOR
        The key for the current SASL negotiator.

        public static final io.netty.util.AttributeKey<RequestMessage> REQUEST_MESSAGE
        The key for the current request.