Class WsAndHttpChannelizer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,, Channelizer

    public class WsAndHttpChannelizer
    extends AbstractChannelizer
    A channelizer for port unification with websockets and http
    Keith Lohnes
    • Constructor Detail

      • WsAndHttpChannelizer

        public WsAndHttpChannelizer()
    • Method Detail

      • supportsIdleMonitor

        public boolean supportsIdleMonitor()
        Description copied from interface: Channelizer
        Determines if the channelizer supports a method for keeping the connection alive and auto-closing zombie channels.
      • createIdleDetectionMessage

        public Object createIdleDetectionMessage()
        Description copied from interface: Channelizer
        Create a message to send to seemingly dead clients to see if they respond back. The message sent will be dependent on the implementation. For example, a websocket implementation would create a "ping" message. This method will only be used if Channelizer.supportsIdleMonitor() is true.