Class Krb5Authenticator

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    public class Krb5Authenticator
    extends Object
    implements Authenticator
    A Kerberos (GSSAPI) implementation of an Authenticator This authenticator authenticates and autorizes all clients with a valid service ticket.
    Marc de Lignie
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      • Krb5Authenticator

        public Krb5Authenticator()
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      • requireAuthentication

        public boolean requireAuthentication()
        Description copied from interface: Authenticator
        Whether or not the authenticator requires explicit login. If false will instantiate user with AuthenticatedUser.ANONYMOUS_USER.
        Specified by:
        requireAuthentication in interface Authenticator
      • setup

        public void setup​(Map<String,​Object> config)
        Called once on server startup with the authentication.config from the *.yaml file
        Specified by:
        setup in interface Authenticator
      • newSaslNegotiator

        public Authenticator.SaslNegotiator newSaslNegotiator​(InetAddress remoteAddress)
        Description copied from interface: Authenticator
        Provide a SASL handler to perform authentication for an single connection. SASL is a stateful protocol, so a new instance must be used for each authentication attempt.
        Specified by:
        newSaslNegotiator in interface Authenticator
        remoteAddress - the IP address of the client to authenticate to authenticate or null if an internal client (one not connected over the remote transport).