Class Settings.SslSettings

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class Settings.SslSettings
    extends Object
    Settings to configure SSL support.
    • Field Detail

      • enabled

        public boolean enabled
        Enables SSL. Other SSL settings will be ignored unless this is set to true.
      • keyStore

        public String keyStore
        The file location of the private key in JKS or PKCS#12 format.
      • keyStorePassword

        public String keyStorePassword
        The password of the keyStore, or null if it's not password-protected.
      • trustStore

        public String trustStore
        Trusted certificates for verifying the remote client's certificate. If this value is not provided and SSL is enabled, the default TrustManager will be used.
      • trustStorePassword

        public String trustStorePassword
        The password of the trustStore, or null if it's not password-protected.
      • keyStoreType

        public String keyStoreType
        The format of the keyStore, either JKS or PKCS12
      • trustStoreType

        public String trustStoreType
        The format of the trustStore, either JKS or PKCS12
      • needClientAuth

        public io.netty.handler.ssl.ClientAuth needClientAuth
        Require client certificate authentication
    • Constructor Detail

      • SslSettings

        public SslSettings()
    • Method Detail

      • overrideSslContext

        public void overrideSslContext​(io.netty.handler.ssl.SslContext sslContext)
        When this value is set, the other settings for SSL are ignored. This option provides for a programmatic way to configure more complex SSL configurations. The enabled setting should still be set to true for this setting to take effect.
      • getSslContext

        public Optional<io.netty.handler.ssl.SslContext> getSslContext()