Class Settings.ScriptEngineSettings

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    public static class Settings.ScriptEngineSettings
    extends Object
    Settings for the ScriptEngine.
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      • imports

        public List<String> imports
        A comma separated list of classes/packages to make available to the ScriptEngine.
      • staticImports

        public List<String> staticImports
        A comma separated list of "static" imports to make available to the ScriptEngine.
      • scripts

        public List<String> scripts
        A comma separated list of script files to execute on ScriptEngine initialization. Graph and TraversalSource instance references produced from scripts will be stored globally in Gremlin Server, therefore it is possible to use initialization scripts to add TraversalStrategy instances or create entirely new Graph instances all together. Instantiating a LifeCycleHook in a script provides a way to execute scripts when Gremlin Server starts and stops.
      • config

        public Map<String,​Object> config
        A Map of configuration settings for the ScriptEngine. These settings are dependent on the ScriptEngine implementation being used.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ScriptEngineSettings

        public ScriptEngineSettings()