Class BytecodeHelper

  • public final class BytecodeHelper
    extends Object
    Utility class for parsing Bytecode.
    Marko A. Rodriguez (, Stephen Mallette (
    • Method Detail

      • isGraphOperation

        public static boolean isGraphOperation​(Bytecode bytecode)
        Checks if the bytecode is one of the standard GraphOp options.
      • removeBindings

        public static void removeBindings​(Bytecode bytecode)
      • detachElements

        public static void detachElements​(Bytecode bytecode)
      • findPossibleTraversalSteps

        public static List<Class<? extends Step>> findPossibleTraversalSteps​(String operator)
        Returns a list of Step which can be added to the traversal for the provided operator.

        Graph Traversal may or may not add the returned list of steps into the traversal. List only represents possible steps added to traversal given an operator.

        operator - Graph operator
        List of possible Step(s)