Class WithOptions

    • Field Detail

      • tokens

        public static final String tokens
        Configures the tokens to be included in value maps.
      • none

        public static int none
        Include no tokens.
      • ids

        public static int ids
        Include ids (affects all Element value maps).
      • labels

        public static int labels
        Include labels (affects all Vertex and Edge value maps).
      • keys

        public static int keys
        Include keys (affects all VertexProperty value maps).
      • values

        public static int values
        Include values (affects all VertexProperty value maps).
      • all

        public static int all
        Include all tokens.
      • indexer

        public static final String indexer
        Configures the indexer to be used in IndexStep.
      • list

        public static int list
        Index items using 2-item lists.
      • map

        public static int map
        Index items using a LinkedHashMap.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WithOptions

        public WithOptions()