Class TestHelper

  • public final class TestHelper
    extends TestSupport
    Utility methods for test development.
    Stephen Mallette ( NOTE: This class duplicates the TestHelper class from gremlin-core. One of them must be removed.
    • Field Detail

      • RANDOM

        public static final Random RANDOM
    • Method Detail

      • convertToRelative

        public static String convertToRelative​(Class clazz,
                                               File f)
      • assumeNonDeterministic

        public static void assumeNonDeterministic()
        Used at the start of a test to make it one that should only be executed when the assertNonDeterministic system property is set to true. Tests that call this method are ones that may sometimes fail in certain environments or behave in other random ways. Usually such tests should be removed or re-worked, but there are situations where that may not be possible as there is no other good way to test the feature. In these cases, the tests won't fail a standard build. For this benefit, the downside is that the feature isn't tested as often as it would otherwise, since the assertNonDeterministic option is not used often and definitely not in automated builds like Travis.
      • validateVertexEquality

        public static void validateVertexEquality​(Vertex originalVertex,
                                                  Vertex otherVertex,
                                                  boolean testEdges)
      • validateVertexPropertyEquality

        public static void validateVertexPropertyEquality​(VertexProperty originalVertexProperty,
                                                          VertexProperty otherVertexProperty)
      • validatePropertyEquality

        public static void validatePropertyEquality​(Property originalProperty,
                                                    Property otherProperty)
      • validateEdgeEquality

        public static void validateEdgeEquality​(Edge originalEdge,
                                                Edge otherEdge)
      • validateEquality

        public static void validateEquality​(Object original,
                                            Object other)
      • createRandomGraph

        public static void createRandomGraph​(Graph graph,
                                             int numberOfVertices,
                                             int maxNumberOfEdgesPerVertex)