Class AbstractFileGraphProvider

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    public abstract class AbstractFileGraphProvider
    extends AbstractGraphProvider
    A base GraphProvider that is typically for use with Hadoop-based graphs as it enables access to the various resource data files that are used in the tests.
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      • RANDOM

        protected static final Random RANDOM
      • graphSONInput

        protected boolean graphSONInput
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      • AbstractFileGraphProvider

        public AbstractFileGraphProvider()
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      • clear

        public void clear​(Graph graph,
                          org.apache.commons.configuration2.Configuration configuration)
                   throws Exception
        Description copied from interface: GraphProvider
        Clears a Graph of all data and settings. Implementations will have different ways of handling this. It is typically expected that Graph.close() will be called and open transactions will be closed. For a brute force approach, implementers can simply delete data directories provided in the configuration. Implementers may choose a more elegant approach if it exists.

        Implementations should be able to accept an argument of null for the Graph, in which case the only action that can be performed is a clear given the configuration. The method will typically be called this way as clean up task on setup to ensure that a persisted graph has a clear space to create a test graph.

        Implementations should be able to accept an argument of null for the Configuration as well, and a proper handling is needed. Otherwise, a NullPointerException may be thrown.

        Calls to this method may occur multiple times for a specific test. Develop this method to be idempotent.